PaceXL Add-in for statistics                     

PaceXL is a statistics add-in to be used in conjunction with Microsoft® Excel.

PaceXL is designed for introductory and intermediate tertiary courses in statistics. It has extensive data analysis and plotting capabilities.

Terms and conditions

PaceXL has been developed for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Before downloading or installing or using PaceXL, please read the terms and conditions and associated information on Copyright, Disclaimer, Terms of Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Downloadable version

A free downloadable version for individual users is available. NO support in any form is offered by the publisher for this downloadable version.

Non-individual users should contact the publisher for a site licence.

For more information, click here: Download page

Operating requirements

PaceXL is designed for operation on Windows systems only. A Mac version is not available.

There is no guarantee that PaceXL will operate problem free on any version of Excel.

For more information on installation and running PaceXL, see the Download page and Terms and Conditions page above.

Detailed summary of PaceXL statistics and graph options

PaceXL has a very extensive range of calculation, tabular and graphical options.

For more information, click here: PaceXL Options

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PaceXL is published by Cicada Bay Pty Ltd, Victoria, Australia.

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