Downloadable version for individual users
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A free downloadable version for individual users is available from the link below.

Non-individual users should contact the publisher of PaceXL for a site licence.
Before beginning the download, please read the following information and follow the instructions given:

- The downloadable file is a zip file.
- Before beginning the download, create a folder called PaceXL2 in the C: drive, or other drive of your choice.
- From the download link, save the file to that folder.
- Once downloaded, find the zip file in that folder, and extract all files to that folder.
- Once extracted, read the Readme file which gives various options for how to run the software.
- The PaceXL Help system might not activate in more recent versions of Excel or Windows. If a message appears when using Excel and PaceXL, follow the links and instructions to download a patch that should activate Help.
For the individual user version, click here: Download

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